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T-Shirt Winner for March: Aaron Kaplan

Updated: Apr 4, 2022

The Skim Steezy t-shirt contest winner for March 2022 is Aaron Kaplan (@calledbysirens on Instagram)!

Here's the content that earned him 31 Steeze Points:

About Aaron:

I played traditional team sports until I was 18, and never actually touched a board until I was 16 when I got my drivers license and immediately drove the hour trip to the beach with a couple friends. We rented a wooden skimboard for an hour and from then on, I was hooked. We started going every chance we could, and upon graduation moved a mile from the beach for college at FAU. I skimmed every day for 2 years before having some health issues which moved me out of college and away from the beach again. Back to the hour drives and eventually not skimming at all for about 5 years. 3 months ago, I finally decided I couldn’t continue to live without catching waves being a part of my life, and here we are!

-Aaron Kaplan


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