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Introducing Steeze Points for T-Shirt Contest

Updated: Apr 4, 2022

We are announcing a t-shirt contest coinciding with the beginning of the 2022 skimboarding season in order to help build the skim community. First edition Skim Steezy t-shirts will be awarded on a monthly basis to deserving participants while supplies last. Only men's medium and large sizes are available.

How to win:

Get the most Steeze Points by the end of the month.

There are three ways to participate:

  1. Post skimboarding videos

  2. Promote event organizers

  3. Give points to others

1. Post Skimboarding Videos (+10 pts)

  • Entry into this contest is for skimboarding riders only.

  • A rider's initial video must be shared on Instagram (either a post or reel) by themselves or tagged with them in it.

  • The video must mention @skimsteezy in order to be considered in this contest.

  • The initial video will give the rider entry into the contest and earn them 10 steeze points.

  • Any subsequent videos will add 10 steeze points to the rider's overall score.

2. Promote event organizers (+5 pts)

3. Give points to others (+1 pt)

  • You can give 1 extra steeze point to a rider by mentioning @skimsteezy in the comments of a video.

  • Anyone can give steeze points to others.

  • The video being commented on must already be considered in the contest (e.g. its caption has @skimsteezy mentioned).

Other Details:

  • The Skim Steezy t-shirt contest has ended for March 2022. The contest may be re-opened at a future date.

  • At the end of the month the rider with the highest cumulative score will win a t-shirt.

  • We will coordinate with the winner for a delivery address, and cover shipping costs.

  • To receive contest updates follow @skimsteezy or sign up at

  • Following @skimsteezy is optional and will not add any steeze points to a rider's score.

Thank you for your participation. Good luck!

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